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The Law Firm of Oscar Garza secures million dollar recovery for injured client

Energy transportation company settles out of court

Mr. Vasquez was traveling eastbound on U.S. Highway 277 when, after activating his turn signal, he began to pull into a private driveway. 

Seconds later, a truck driven by an employee of the energy company veered off the road and violently crashed into his vehicle. Mr. Vasquez suffered severe injuries, requiring surgery and plating around his neck and spinal cord.

Shortly after the incident, Mr. Vasquez retained The Law Firm of Oscar A. Garza, to represent him for damages and bodily injuries caused by the collision. The law firm monitored him through treatment and surgery, while seeking to recover on his behalf.

Allegations made against the driver of the vehicle included negligence and willful disregard for the safety of others. The energy company was accused of failing to properly screen prospective employees, failing to adequately supervise and train the driver, and failing to ensure compliance with safety rules.

After over a year of litigation, both parties agreed to a settlement. The case expenses totaled $20,828.21. After paying attorneys fees of $400,000.00, Mr. Vasquez was able to net a recovery of $579,171.79.00

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Major trucking accident settles out of court

Family receives compensation for injuries

A settlement was reached today in a case involving two tractor trailers on a highway in Maverick County.

The driver of one of the tractor trailers failed to negotiate a curve on U.S. Highway 277 and crossed over the double yellow line into oncoming traffic.

The defendant driver slammed into a second tractor trailer, causing severe bodily injuries.

The Law Firm of Oscar A. Garza filed suit against the negligent driver and the trucking company he worked for. The lawsuit alleged that the defendant driver was negligent by failing to use ordinary care when he drove the 18 wheeler. Court documents also claimed that the company the driver worked for was also negligent for various acts and omissions of their own.

After a long battle the parties were able to reach an agreement and the case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

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Recent results

The Law Firm of Oscar A. Garza is a firm of dedicated trial lawyers who aren’t afraid of taking your case to court to get the compensation you deserve. Below is a list of some of the recent results we have obtained on behalf of our clients:

$1 million

Net to client: $579,171.79
Expenses: $20,828.21
Attorney fees: $400,000.00
Commercial Vehicle Accident – Neck and Spinal Cord Injuries


Net to Client: $248,588.75
Expenses: $3,411.25
Attorney fees: $168,000.00
Auto Accident – Broken Jaw and Ribs


Net to client: $207,796.68
(Purchase of annuity)
Expenses: $14,203.32
Attorney fees: $148,000.00
Auto accident resulting in facial fractures and traumatic brain injury