JUUL / Vaping Injuries

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Health problems after juuling?
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Many people, including teens and young adults, have been using Juul without knowing the potential dangers they are exposing themselves to.  Nicotine is a toxic substance. If you are suffering from any injuries associated with JUUL you may be entitled to compensation to cover medical bills, pain and suffering and more. 

  • Heart problems

Vaping JUUL can cause several heart issues like coronary artery disease and heart attacks

  • Stroke or seizures

Severe cases of JUUL nicotine poisoning can cause seizures and massive hemorrhagic strokes.

  • Lung cancer or breathing problems

The use of JUUL can cause a serious lung disease called popcorn lung, lung cancer and respiratory distress.

  • Mental or behavior problems

Juuling can cause anxiety, depression and suicide thoughts and attempts.

JUUL nicotine concentrations are cytotoxic

JUUL pods contain the highest quantities of nicotine, comparing to other e-cigarettes. 59 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid vs 6-30 in other brands. There is a growing concern amongst experts and the FDA that high doses of nicotine found in JUUL products could affect the still-developing adolescent brain, especially when considering the cytotoxic effects JUUL products have been found to have.

Vaping is not a safer alternative to smoking

The American Journal of Physiology study found that other chemical additives found in e-cigarettes previously thought to be safe, such as propylene glycol, may be responsible for causing respiratory inflammation and other pulmonary problems. Furthermore, the study published in the American Journal of Physiology found that when vaporized, the chemical flavorings and additives can cause considerable inflammation in the lungs.

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After you have stopped or at least decreased your JUUL use. One of the next steps in a JUUL lawsuit is gathering evidence. In a JUUL lawsuit, some of the best evidence that you can provide your JUUL attorney shows how often you used JUUL products and how those products caused your injuries. We need to hold JUUL and the other e-cigarette companies accountable for their negligent actions.  

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